3 Important Tips for Decluttering Before You Move

3 Important Tips for Decluttering Before You Move

Moving can be a stressful time. Help reduce stress in your new home by decluttering beforehand.

Although this can be a daunting task in and of itself, the benefits will far outweigh the work. Use these three important tips for decluttering before you move.

Enjoy a streamlined process and a move that feels a little less overwhelming. Consider reading more about how to pack quickly and efficiently for your new home.

Stay Inspired

Looking around the house, it is easy to lose motivation and inspiration to start or continue decluttering. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it in the first place.

Envision yourself in your new home with less clutter. You’ll also save money when hiring movers!

For added motivation, make a music playlist that you and your family members enjoy listening to. You can play it while you pack and declutter to keep your spirits up and stay motivated.

Consider starting your process with the beloved garage. This will create a clear entryway and exit for moving items out of the house.

Don’t Wait

It’s easy to procrastinate pre-move. And chances are, if you’ve started packing, you’ve found you own a lot more than you expected.

Depending on the size of the home, you may want to start packing two, six, or even 12 months before the move. Then you can take your time rather than rushing at the last minute.

Preparing for moving day can seem stressful, but if you have a detailed game plan and start early, things should go pretty smoothly.


What is the secret sauce to decluttering, you ask? The answer: pile power! Sorting and separating items into different piles will help you stay organized.

Categorizing is also a great way to communicate to your future self and family members where belongings will go. This is the most practical of these three important tips for decluttering before you move. Here are some pile categories to use:

  • Keep–These are items and belongings you want to keep for the long run.
  • Trash–Some belongings just don’t have a place besides the trash. Save time and money, and don’t accidentally take things that belong in the trash to your new home. Yes, this means finally saying goodbye to those random items that have been sitting in your garage for far too long!
  • Shred–This may include personal documents you’ve keep far too long. Take the time to finally go through those documents and decide what you really need. Find a local shredding company near you or invest in a shredder you can use at your new home as well.
  • Donate or sell–If you plan far enough ahead, consider holding a garage sale for unwanted items. eBay and Facebook Marketplace offer options for selling. Recruit help from family members to sell unwanted items.
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