How to Shave Without Using Water

MENAJI ClearShave

Skin care regimens should use less water. Why? Water is a problem when we shave. We use too much of it. And we spend too much time leaving the water running while shaving.

So what’s the alternative? How do we save water? What makes our shaving experience more pleasant?

At last, a solution. Start shaving without using water. Do you want to know more? Then remember this point.

Shave Anywhere and Everywhere

Our skin care regimens are programming we received from watching loved ones when we were growing up. Mainly our fathers and grandfathers. Men stand over a sink with the water running and reflect on their lives. In-between each thought, and after every stroke, you rinse your razor. Unconscious habits do change overtime when necessary.

But how often do we use products that change our skin care habits? Very seldom. If ever.

Now you have MËNAJI’s ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula recognized by Forbes as one of “The Best Grooming And Wellness Products in 2020” for men.

MËNAJI’s ClearShave is a clear, botanical-based gel in an airless, travel-sized pump. Compact and easy-to-carry, with no mess, lather, or string. Suitable for both electric and non-electric razors.

This ClearShave gel conditions and preps your skin and hair for a close, comfortable shave on your face, head, legs, and chest. Sculpt your mustache, beard, and sideburns with excellent precision. Each stroke of your razor is effortless, smooth, and waterless.

Perfect for models, dancers, actors, athletes, and professionals who are on the road. Ideal for professional makeup artists and male groomers with clients in film, TV, or theater. Use ClearShave when you are on set, backstage, or in a studio.

And that’s not all…

Ingredients Matter

No water? No problem! How? ClearShave delivers a breakthrough all-natural formula with extracts of ginger, eucalyptus, salvia, echinacea, cucumber, oat, clove, aloe, and much more wholesome, clean, sustainable, environmentally-friendly vegan ingredients.

Water would only take away from your revitalizing shaving experience. Success is in the details.

Stop wasting water and sacrificing your sharp, simple, clean shave. Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Enjoy looking better and feeling more confident every day. And nobody will know you are shaving without the use of water.

Hold onto your hat because we’re not done yet…

Wrapping Up

Now is the time to commit yourself to shave with maximum comfort and minimum effort. You’ve got to give MËNAJI a try. You’ll soon realize there’s no faster or better way to shave and manage your skincare regimen.

MËNAJI isn’t new to the grooming space. They are an independently owned business that has been helping men boost their confidence since 2000. MËNAJI is an advanced men’s skincare and cosmetics line dedicated to empowering men to become unapologetically bold.

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