How to Find a Deodorant That Works

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Deodorant might not be something that you think about every day especially if you don’t experience excessive wetness or odor from your armpits. 

There are some people who may have an underarm odor and not realize it until someone mentions it to them.  

I love my fiancée to death, but man, after a few hours her pits smell like a 5th grader going through puberty.  If you don’t know what that smells like, smell a bag of rotten onions. 

Nevertheless, if you are wearing an antiperspirant/deodorant every day and it’s working for you, then you’re set! Great job on finding something that works for you!  For the rest of you, how do you find a deodorant that works?

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Find a Deodorant That Works

Personally, I have never experienced excessive sweating from my pits. However, from time to time when I’m in a rush and forget to put on deodorant, I can smell myself at the end of the day and it isn’t good. 

I used to frequently use Degree solid for men.  This was my go-to deodorant for years until Degree came out with the dry spray deodorant.  What turned me on the most about the spay is that it went on clear and I didn’t run into the issue of getting pieces of deodorant stuck in my pit hair.

Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Recently, my fiancée expressed her concerns about the amount of aluminum that is in the Degree spray that I am using. 

The aluminum chlorohydrate in the Degree Ultra Clear spray is 20%, which is a high level found in an antiperspirant.  I learned that high amounts of aluminum absorbed by the body can lead to Alzheimer’s and certain cancers.  

Honesty I have only explored one aluminum-free deodorant which was Ursa Major – Hoppin’ Fresh that I received in my Birchbox.  It smelled great, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for as long as I would have liked.  Also, after the fourth day of use, I started to develop pain in my armpit.  Although the pain may have been unrelated, I stopped using it. 

There are so many brands of deodorant on the market it’s hard to find the perfect one without trial and error.

UPDATE: Dapper Yankee Natural Deodorant

After a year of searching for the perfect deodorant, I finally found my go-to brand. Dapper Yankee released a natural deodorant that actually works! I’ve been using it for a while now and I’ve had no skin irritation and it’s controlled my sweat and stink flawlessly!

Check out my full review of the deodorant: How to Get Rid of BO With Dapper Yankee Natural Deodorant

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