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UltiUber Life is now accepting guest writers! It’s time for some new voices to contribute to my growing list of posts that are helping men (and women) live an UltiUber Life! It is UltiUber Life’s mission to provide interesting and entertaining content to inspire and enrich the lives of its readers.  

You don’t need to be a professional writer or even have your own blog to write for UltiUber Life! Everyone has a story to tell!

If you’re a blogger just starting out or maybe already established, this is a great opportunity to gain some exposure for your own website or blog!

You will be fully acknowledged for your post with your author bio and link to your website or blog mentioned at the bottom of the post. But of course, I reserve the final publish rights for guest contributions. Please take a minute to review the guest writer requirements below.

Guest Writer Submission Requirements

  • The content submitted to UltiUber Life must be your own original work and may not be posted or previously posted anywhere else or on any other site or blog.
  • Don’t plagiarize, it’s not cool and you’ll look like a fool.
  • Your post(s) must be a minimum of 700 words with no fluff.  Please PROOFREAD your work! Use spell check and/or Grammarly and triple check your work before submitting it. I’m a stickler for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • When including quotes, studies, facts, or stats, please include a source so that my readers know that it’s valid information.
  • Submissions must be detailed and unique and may cover the following topics: 
    • Lifestyle – love, relationships, dating, family, kids, sports, travel, health, fitness, yadda, yadda.
    • Style and Grooming – men’s fashion, men’s grooming, style guides, how-to guides, etc.
    • Food and Drink – cocktail recipes, food recipes, food and drink reviews, anything that is related to eating or drinking.
    • Money and Technology – financial advice, technology advice, how-to guides, product reviews
    • I’m open to your ideas as long as it fits into one of the above categories.
  • Product reviews for relevant topics are permitted and I will allow up to one (1) affiliate link. 
  • I reserve the right to add and/or remove any links to your post as I deem appropriate. Links to posts within UltiUber Life’s website should always be included whenever possible.
  • I encourage you to link back to your personal website or blog within the post as long as it’s relevant.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon and documented in writing, you understand that there is no payment or compensation provided in exchange for the publication of an article/post.
  • You agree that I’m under no obligation at any time to post any submission and I reserve the right to remove any post at any time after it has been posted without prior warning or explanation.
  • Your guest post will be shared with my social media following.
  • You are expected to also share your guest post to your social media followers. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
  • Readers may comment on your posts and you agree that you will respond to comments (as appropriate) as yourself.
  • When writing your post, use your own voice. If you swear like a sailor, that’s fine as long as it isn’t too vulgar. I want you to be real, but don’t gross out my readers.
  • Submissions must be emailed as an unprotected and macro-free Microsoft Word document in either *.doc or *.docx file format. Please ensure that your attachments are virus-free.
  • Please submit your author bio, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and URL to your website or blog.
  • Please submit a keyword or key phrase that you pertains to your article. SEO isn’t dead.

If you agree to the above terms please fill out the form below.

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